Sponsor the Day of DotNetNuke

The Day of DotNetNuke® is a free event for all who attend.  Attendees expect no fees, a free lunch, and if things go well, a t-shirt or other prizes.  In order to make this happen, sponsors like you contribute in a variety of ways.  You can participate as much, or as little as you'd like.

How Can I Sponsor?

There are several ways to contribute as a sponsor to the Day of DotNetNuke®:

  • Donate money to an event
  • Donate software/prizes to an event
  • Donate hosting or extensions an event website
  • Donate DotNetNuke® extensions to this main website

What Do I Get For Sponsoring?

As a sponsor, you're guaranteed exposure when you contribute in any of the above ways.  Depending on what you contribute, and to where, your exposure will vary.  

As a website sponsor, for this website, you will mostly get exposure through our social media channels, and earn advertising on the website.  However, if you sponsor an event, your benefits are defined and managed by the local organizers of that event.

How Do I Get Started?

Since sponsoring can vary in so many ways, and in so many places, you will need to contact us and let us know what you had in mind.  We will then send you the appropriate reply, or point you to the correct people at the event you're looking for.