What is the Day of DotNetNuke®?

The Day of DotNetNuke® is a world-wide event that allows anyone that is passionate or curious about DNN to gather and learn more.  Each event is held to the highest standards.  It will always be free, open to everyone, never push an agenda (other than DNN), and be from the community, to the community, and by the community.

While the DotNetNuke® Corporation participates and sponsors in these events in various ways, the organizers and stakeholders are generally community members.

Want a Day of DotNetNuke® in YOUR Area?

If you would like to organize your very own Day of DotNetNuke® event, this is the right place as well.  First, determine who will organize the event in your area.  It is generally better to have a team of 2-5 people run a Day of DotNetNuke® event.  Once you have your team, simply go through the registration process provided.

Run Your Very Own Day of DotNetNuke

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